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Building modern apps is complicated: you need to integrate with lots of different systems and third parties, requirements are ever-changing, and managing backend development can be difficult. RedConnect solves all these problems and more, so you can focus on what you do best.

BYO Webservices

We think choice is good, so we don’t lock you in to a single service. RedConnect comes with certified connections to over 60 leading technology providers saving you time, risk and hassle – or build your own custom integrations with powerful API orchestration capabilities.

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Truely Reusable Code

Flow-based programming means flexible, modular, scalable, reusable code that’s easy for anyone to understand - even non-techies. Combine this with our pre–built integrations and you’ll deliver faster than you thought was possible.

What is FBP?

Any Device, Anywhere

Screens are everywhere, and your app should run on all of them. RedConnect works on mobile, web, wearable and IoT, with real-time device-to-device communication powered by websockets and our SDKs for Javascript, iOS and Android.

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Case Study

Developers at Red Ant used RedConnect to build the world's first smartwatch enabled Click & Collect service for Halfords in just six weeks.

No Backend Knowledge Needed

RedConnect's full stack Javascript development means you can spend less time worrying about data and more time building great user experiences. We handle the infrastructure so you can be up and running in less than five minutes with a fully managed cloud service.

Powered by Open Source

RedConnect is built with Node-RED, so you can learn and improve with a community of over a thousand developers. Powered by node.js, you can build resuable code for any function and share it with the world.

Drag and Drop Development

Build, test and iterate quickly with our easy-to-use interface. RedConnect helps your enterprise to innovate, backed by one-click deployment, version control and team management.

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